Japandi Lighting

Japandi Lighting

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life and living in the moment are the hallmarks of Japandi style. If you’re looking for lighting that makes you feel content, yet rejuvenated, take a look at our Japandi lighting collection

Japandi is a mix of both Japanese and Scandinavian styles, using natural materials and minimalist designs to make any living area, bedroom, or bathroom feel comforting and cosy. The simplicity of this style is elegant and cherishes a slower pace of life while honouring overall well-being.

Immerse yourself in moments of pure serenity and enjoy the soothing glow of Japandi lighting.

Here are our top picks from this collection:

1. Zenya Suspension by Modern Forms

Zenya Suspension by Modern Forms

Embrace warm, diffused light from the Zenya Suspension. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, this tapered metal lattice is the perfect complement to wood flooring and furniture.

2. Bamboo Pendant Light by Forestier

Bamboo Pendant Light by Forestier

Inspired by nature and flora, Forestier made the Bamboo Pendant Light, a woven bamboo light which captures the comfort and cosiness found in Japandi style. This lamp will add a charming touch to any space.

3. Kushi Floor Lamp by KDLN

Kushi Floor Lamp by KDLN

The Kushi Floor lamp, inspired by the Japanese skewer, was designed by KDLN as a tribute to light, design, and food. Made from mouth blown glass, this floor lamp is simple and elegant.

4. Hanami Suspension by Slamp

Hanami Suspension by Slamp

Through its delicate, poetic design made with hand-folded flowers, the Hanami Suspension will add elegance and harmony to your room. Perfect for a centrepiece, this suspension lamp emits a soft glow that uplifts the overall look of any space instantly.

5. Kala Pendant Light by Renwil

Kala Pendant Light by Renwil

An inherent serene quality pours out of the Kala Pendant Light into the home it hangs within. The simple nature and soft glowing light of this pendant is relaxing and tranquil, perfect for the Japandi home.

6. Libellule Suspension by Forestier

Libellule Suspension by Forestier

The Libellule’s metal-frame shade is infused with a sense of motion, made to mimic the movement of a dragonfly wing. Its delicate nature will leave a graceful impression in any space.

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