Task Lighting Considerations For Your Workspace

Task Lighting Considerations For Your Workspace

Get organized for the new school year with task lighting! The right task light can make a difference, especially when it comes to studying.

Task Lighting vs. Ambient Lighting
Task lighting and ambient lighting are two different types of lighting which serve different purposes.

Task lighting is directed lighting towards a specific area to give more precise illumination over objects. It is usually brighter so that there is adequate light for important tasks such as reading, writing, and studying.

On the other hand, ambient lighting is softer and aims for overall illumination. Ambient lighting sets the overall mood and serves as a background light whereas task lighting provides a functional light.

Task Lighting vs Ambient Lighting

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Colour Temperature
When it comes to studying, the temperature of the light can make a big difference. Choosing the right colour temperature can boost productivity, reduce eye strain, and improve sleep quality. 

Colour Temperature Guide

Blue and white lights are great for improving cognitive performance, since they mimic natural daylight, cueing your brain to keep you alert.

Cool white lights in the 4000K-6000K range can boost your productivity and focus. These lights are ideal for home offices and classrooms. We recommend using lights in this range during the day, as blue light exposure during the evening can have negative effects on sleep quality.

Warm white or soft white lights in the 2700K-3000K range are good for tasks as well. They are suitable for the evening as they help reduce eye strain while helping you relax before you sleep. Lights in this range are perfect for a bedroom study session or a cosy reading nook.

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Task Lighting Best Sellers

1. Z Bar Gen 4 Collection by Koncept

Z Bar Gen 4 Collection by Koncept

Available in many different colours, sizes, and also as a floor lamp, the Z Bar Gen 4 Lamps are Koncept’s flagship products. The Gen 4 is a revamp of the original design, with a cleaner profile, greater articulation, and improved optics. The minimalist profile, high flexibility, and compatibility with various desk and wall mounts make this lamp a beloved choice.

2. Tolomeo Collection by Artemide

Tolomeo Collection by Artemide

Designed with balance and movement in mind, the Tolomeo is made for fully adjustable direction of light. This simple, flexible lamp guarantees perfect stillness while also being able to be moved with one hand. With many options of lamp type, sizes, clamps/mounts, there is a Tolomeo lamp perfect for any interior.

3. Link Collection by Pablo

Link Collection by Pablo

With incredible flexibility and the most advanced LED technology, the Link is a modernized version of the classic pantograph task lamp. This fun and practical lamp creates a striking balance between style and performance. Its wide range of models includes medium and small lamp bodies and it comes in a variety of colours.


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