How to Center a Light if the Junction Box is Off-Center

How to Center a Light if the Junction Box is Off-Center

Off-Center Pendant
A pendant that is off-center from your dining table can feel unbalanced.

It can be frustrating when your junction box is off-center. Whether it’s off-center in the room or off-center from your furniture, having a light in the wrong place feels off-putting. We’re here to help you with some solutions!

Instead of hiring a contractor to relocate the light, which can be costly and time-consuming, here are four simpler methods to center your light fixture:

1. Use a hook to relocate the light

This method is called swaging. Install a swag hook over the spot where you want your pendant to hang. Choose a pendant with a flexible cord/chain and hang your pendant over the hook. Now your pendant is centered!

Spider Pendant by Lodes being swagged
Pictured Above: Spider Pendant by Lodes

Here are some pendants and chandeliers that can be swaged:

SkyFall Pendant by Lodes Crown Major Chandelier by Nemo Eos Evia Pendant by UMAGE

2. Install a linear suspension wired from one side

Many linear suspensions are wired in on one end and mounted on the other end, allowing you to center your fixture without moving the canopy. 

Tribes 1 Linear Suspension by Toss B

Pictured Above: Tribes 1 Linear Chandelier by Toss B

Here are some of our best-selling linear suspensions that are wired from one side:

Yanzi Linear Suspension by Artemide Arc Suspension By Aromas Del Campo Thula Linear Suspension By Tooy


3. Install a light with a flexible canopy

Many linear suspensions have a flexible canopy, allowing you to mount your light away from the canopy.

Hanami Linear Suspension by Slamp

Pictured Above: Hanami Suspension by Slamp

Pro Tip: For a unique look, you can install suspended pendants that are wired in on one end. The other end of the suspension can be hung so that your pendants are centered.

Suspended Pendants
Pictured Above: M.T.O Suspension System by Vesoi and IVY Pendant Light by Lodes
Here are our top lights with a flexible canopy:
Hugo Prisma Suspension By Slamp Across Linear Suspension By Luceplan Dune LED Linear Suspension By LZF Lamps

4. Install a light with a large rectangular canopy

You can install a light with a large rectangular canopy to cover up the junction box. The junction box would be hidden on one side of the canopy. The other side of the canopy can hide the excess wiring.

Rectangular Canopy

Pictured Above: Baveno Linear Chandelier by Lib&Co and PIT Linear Suspension by Cangini & Tucci

You can take a look at linear multi-light pendants for more lights with a large rectangular canopy. Along with that, pendants from Lodes can be made into multi-light pendants with a large rectangular canopy. Here are some of our favourite linear multi-light pendants:

Chute Linear Cluster Suspension by Kuzco Rinkle Multi-Light Pendant By ET2 Catania Rectangular Chandelier By Lib&Co.


Key Takeaways

To center your light fixture, you can:

  1. Use a hook to relocate the light
  2. Install a linear suspension that is wired from one side
  3. Install a light with a flexible canopy
  4. Install a light with a large rectangular canopy

We hope these tips have helped you with your off-center junction box!

Any questions? If you'd like to consult our team of experts for your next project contact us. We'd be happy to support you in any way we can.