How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Pendants

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Pendants

Trends come and go as the years go by, especially in the world of interior design. Over the years, pendant lighting has become a staple in the kitchen acting more than just a light source. With the vast number of fixtures available for different occasions and lighting tasks, kitchen pendant lights are being sought out more than ever.

What are kitchen pendant lights?

These types of fixtures hang from a rod/chain approximately 30-36 inches above a counter top, and can fall under all of the lighting categories – task, general, accent and decorative lighting. The most common pendant fixtures have a single light bulb mounted base up, aiming the light downward onto an island – which acts as a task light. Ideally, depending on the size of the island, you can have anywhere from 1 to 3 pendants equally spaced out hanging from the ceiling. Recently, asymmetrical pendant placement has become a popular trend as well!

Pendant Light

How do I choose the best pendant light option for my kitchen?

Picking the perfect kitchen pendant is easy and we’ll show you how! Using top designer brands such as Karman, Cangini & Tucci and Artemide to name a few, we’ll help you find the perfect light for your kitchen space.


Perfect for sleek, clean, modern kitchens. Slamp offers various suspension lamps that are elegant, energy efficient, adjustable.


With great character adding dramatic highlight into your space, these hand-made Italian pendants can be hung at different heights to add depth and add a unique touch to any kitchen. Available in three different sizes and several colours, this pendant can come in a metallic finish or coloured glass. Don’t forget to layer the pendants for a more full effect!

Layer Lights

Types of Lights

Here are some things to consider when using pendants in the kitchen for:

1. Task Lighting – Use lower output bulbs / dimmers so the downward light isn’t as harsh.

2. Ambient – Focuses more on the pendant as a main source of light throughout the entire kitchen.

3. Decorative / Accent – Can hang higher than the sight line since it won’t act as the main source of light. These chains and fixtures can be more decorative in their design.

Visit our how to layer lighting guide for more detailed information.


Pro Tips

Since pendant heights can vary, if it hangs in your line of sight, pick slimmer fixtures. Brighten your space with sophisticated minimal pendants that feel as if they aren’t even there, such as these glass pendants available in a variety of sizes and cable colours.

Slim Pendant

If you are worried about the pendant lights being too bright over the island, choose one that reflects light off of the ceiling rather than downwards. This will fill the room with light without being too harsh on the eyes.


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