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// Osteria Giulia Restaurant


Guido Costantino Studio


Kushi Pendant by Kundalini


A brand new modern, intimate Michelin star restaurant has taken over Toronto's beautiful Yorkville area. Osteria Giulia is a new restaurant with a subdued ambiance beautified by simple lines and an inviting appeal. The restaurant serves pasta and seafood by way of longtime coastal Italian recipes and a truly extensive list of Italian wines. Our team sourced the Italian lighting brand Kundalini for this project, selecting the beautiful glass Kushi Pendants to adorn Osteria Giulia's interior. Designed by Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella, the collection was inspired by the word Kushi, or “skewer” in Japanese. The pendants resemble an abstract shape freely inspired by Japanese cuisine. A gently rounded glass shape pierced by a thin metal rod. Its soft, warm light floats gently in the space.

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