Lighting Glossary

Lighting Glossary

Accent Lighting This type of lighting is meant to help create the atmosphere of a room by setting the mood. You can add table or floor lamps, and even ceiling or wall lights to add accents. Read more about accent lighting in our layering light blog. 
Animal Kingdom Take a look at Karman, Seletti, Moooi, Artemide, and Slamp for their unique selection of animal and nature inspired fixtures. Check out our animal kingdom collection.
Ambient Light Refers to the general lighting in a room. It is an essential part of a lighting scape because it provides light to the entire room. Read more about ambient lighting in our layering light blog. 
Quarried from Spain, alabaster stone diffuses light and evenly with its translucency. It is normally snow-white in color, and fine-grained in texture. Check out our alabaster collection


The aperture refers to the opening of a recessed lighting trim where light can be seen.
Backlight Lighting source placed behind an object to achieve a diffused glow and shadow effect, highlighting the object’s silhouette.
Base Base of a light fixture where lights are suspended or hung from.
Blade Pitch Refers to the angle of the fan blades relative to the base. The higher the blade pitch is, the greater the air circulation and resistance.
Blade Span Refers to the circumference of the fan's blades. You can calculate this by measuring the width from the tip of one blade through to the tip of the blade on the opposite side.
Canopy The part of the light fixture that attaches to the ceiling or wall and covers the electrical junction box.
Canadian Brands Canadian owned businesses carried at Casa Di Luce, such as Alora, Kuzco, Viso and Eurofase. View our Canadian collection.
CETL The Cetl Listed Mark indicates to distributors, retailers and customers that your product has been tested and found in compliance with accepted national standards in Canada.
CFL Compact Fluorescent Light is a type of light bulb that is compatible with most fixtures. Usually medium in size.
CFM The term CFM refers to cubic feet per minute. When the fan is running at its peak speed, a measurement is made using both the airflow volume and velocity.
Color Temperature The colour temperature of a light source indicates its relative colour. On the Kelvin temperature scale, it is measured. Light sources that are typically described as having a warm light actually have a lower colour temperature; they are typically between 2700 and 3000 K. Over 5000 K, the higher numbers typically have a cold blue glow.
Contemporary Simplicity, subdued elegance, purposeful use of texture, and clean lines. There are no ornaments or distracting textures in the minimalist design. However, occasionally a splash of colour is added to the mostly monochrome tones of contemporary lighting.
CRI CRI refers to the color rendering index. This number ranges from 0 to 100 and measures the ability to accurately reproduce the color of a light or bulb. Higher numbers are better, and most quality bulbs measure in its 80s.
Crossbar The crossbar is an adapter that holds a light fixture to the electrical box. Crossbars can come in many different shapes and sizes.
CUL In Canada, products have been designed, built, and tested to be in accordance with safety standards for those respective countries by Underwriter Laboratories.
Damp Locations Outdoor or indoor areas that are normally or regularly exposed to condensation. Such as, covered porches, bathrooms, garages and more.
Diffuser A semi-transparent material placed between a light source and an object that scatters light as it passes through the material.
Dimming (Continuous) Unlike dimming (gradual), dimming (continuous) provides a smooth change in brightness with no visually perceptible change. These lights often dim from 100% to 10% or less and then turn off. Take a look at our dimmers and other accessories.
Dimming (Stepped) When using dimmable lamps, dimming (gradual) refers to visually perceptible changes in brightness, usually including high, low, and off.
Display Light Lighting that is used to illuminate objects in a concealed display case or window.
Downrod/Stem In most lighting fixtures a downrod is a pipe, generally metal, that connects the fan, or particularly the motor housing of the fan, to the ceiling mount.
Driver (LED) An LED driver is an electrical device that regulates power to an LED or string of LEDs. This is a critical part of the LED circuitry and operation without it will cause system failure.
Dry Locations A dry location is not subject to dampness or wetness, unlike wet locations. Such as, a bedroom or living area.
Eco-friendly Lighting Designer brands that follow diligent sustainable practices and create products with eco-friendly materials and processes. Take a look at our eco-friendly collection.
Electronic Transformer A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one AC circuit to one or more other circuits by increasing (boosting) or decreasing (decreasing) the voltage.
ELV Dimming ELV dimmers used to dim electronic power packs for low voltage halogen lamps.
Energy Efficient Energy efficiency is using less energy to do the same work or get the same result. Energy efficient lighting requires replacing (or replacing) traditional light bulbs (such as incandescent bulbs) with energy efficient light bulbs such as fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs.
Etched Glass Etched glass is the term for decorative glass and the term translucent is used for frosted glass. They are designed to obscure the view but allow light to pass through.
Fluorescent Light source that produces visible light by generating a phosphor to fluoresce. Commonly available in industrial tubes or twisted compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
Flushmount A close-to-ceiling light fixture mounted flush to a ceiling; useful in low-ceilinged areas. Here are our flushmount lights.
FSC Certified FSC forest management certification confirms that forests are managed in a manner that preserves biodiversity and benefits the livelihoods of local people and workers, while maintaining economic viability. guaranteed.

According to the FSC organization, this license code can be found either on the invoice received from the FSC certified supplier or on the product label on the FSC product or its packaging.
Halogen Any of the chemical elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. They are all monovalent and readily form negative ions.


A type of incandescent light bulb that emits light from an arc formed between tungsten electrodes. As a result, high luminous efficiency is obtained. Different gases produce different HIDs, including mercury vapor, metal halides, sodium vapor, and xenon short arc lamps
High Efficacy Lighting High efficiency is typically carefully defined in state, local, or federal building codes that require energy-efficient lighting in new construction and renovations.
Housing Any place you call home - providing both privacy and protection from the elements and the temperature extremes of the outside world.
IC Rated/Rating IC stands for Insulated Contact. Wall or ceiling mounted luminaires that are in direct contact with the building insulation must be IC rated.
Industrial An area of ​​land use where the main activity is for manufacturing, assembly, processing or other processing of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, packaging and distribution to wholesale or retail markets.
Incandescent The Integral LED Luminaire is a fixture that incorporates LEDs directly into the luminaire.
Integrated LED An integrated LED light fixture is a lighting fixture which incorporates LEDs directly into the luminaire.
Interior Designer Planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings, such as lighting solutions.
IP Rating IP stands for Ingress Protection. These two-digit values ​​indicate the degree of protection  against solids (first digit) and water (second digit) that the luminaire housing can withstand.
Kelvin A unit of measurement for temperature. In lighting, the Kelvin temperature scale is used to measure the color temperature of light sources/bulbs (ranging from 2700K to 5500K).
Lamping Refers to the type of lighting used in a luminaire. Such as, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Halogen, LED, or Xenon.
LED A semiconductor light source that emits light by electroluminescence (electrons recombine with holes in the bulb to produce luminescent photons). Known as a Light Emitting Diode.
Line Voltage In lighting solutions, a linear regulator is a voltage regulator used to maintain a constant voltage
Linear Suspension Hanging light fixtures with long, horizontal profiles that are seemingly linear in shape. They distribue light over a more narrow area. We've got a great selection of linear suspension lights just for you!
Low Voltage V, low enough to be considered safe for domestic use, typically 120 volts or less.
Lumens A measure of the amount of light emitted (in all directions) from a light bulb. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb. Lumen ratings are found on most light bulb packaging and are a more accurate measure of brightness than watts.
Made in Italy Products made in Italy. Here we carry over 20 of your favorite designer Italian brands, including, Artemide, Axolight, Lodes, Il Pezzo Mancante, Masiero, Nemo, Vistosi, Martinelli Luce, and more.
Made in Spain Products made in Spain. Including, our finest brands - Pedret, Aromas Del Campo, Arturo Alvarez, LZF, Vibia, and Iris Cristal.
Made in France Products made in France. Here we carry prestigious brands, CVL, Forestier, and Legrand.
Mid-Century Modern This style was fuelled by advancements in mass production and innovative new materials. If you want your home to ravish with timeless style, clean lines, and organic form, mid-century modern lighting is just what you’re looking for.
Minimalist Minimalism aims for simplicity and objectivity, characterized by clean lines, and a monochromatic palette. Take a look at our curated collection of minimalist lighting.
Modern Coastal This style has the classic, nautical, and often vintage look and feel. Charaterized by organic shapes, diffused lighting, and natural materials. Shop our modern coastal collection.
Modern Farmhouse Equal parts cozy and chic. Farmhouse style is known for its versatility and ease of use. Take a look at Modern Forms, Kichler, Alora, Eurofase, Cangini & Taucci, and more for everything farmhouse-style.
Modern Scandinavian Scandinavian lighting is among the most sought-after design in the world for its laid-back, timeless, and quality designs. Its characterized by clean lines and a focus on warm, diffuse light. Shop our best Scandinavian inspired designer products from Eurofase, Umage, Modern Forms, Kuzco, Weplight, and more.
Mouth-Blown Glass It is a glass-forming technique where molten glass is shaped by blowing air into it through a long metal tube.
Mud Kit A Mud Kit or Mud In Plate provides a seamless appearance in a ceiling/wall for a fixture using a remote driver option.
Multi-Port Canopy A canopy system that allows you to combine the power voltage pendants of your choice with the canopy.
Murano Glass Another term for Venetian glass. Venetian glass is glassware made in Venice, typically on the island of Murano near the city. Murano glass comes in many shapes and sizes, from relatively simple forms to impossibly delicate and complex constructions.
Murrine Colored patterns or images made in fixtures made of Murano glass that are revealed when the cane is cut into thin cross-sections.
Off-Center Junction Box Junction boxes that are not directly above the area of ​​interest. A solution for this common scenario is to use a cord from the canopy and attach a ceiling hook or cord holder to move the  fixture to the desired location.
Optic Glass A glass material with high transmittance in the visible light range and high absorption in the near-infrared range.
Overall Height (OAH) Total suspension length of the fixture includes the suspension/screen height, suspension cord/chain/hanger length, and canopy height.
Parchment Untanned, only oiled dry rawhide used for book covers, lampshades and drum covers.
Path Light Lighting that offers illumination to guide you along an outdoor path or hallway.
Pendant A luminaire that hangs from the ceiling, usually suspended from cords, chains, or metal poles. View our pendant lights.
Polycarbonate A synthetic resin in which  polymer units are linked through carbonate groups and includes many molding compounds and films.
Porcelain Ceramic material, usually hard, fine-grained, resonant, non-porous, translucent or white.
Rattan A flexible reed-like wood often used for home furnishings.
Recessed Light

A recessed light, also known as a downlight or can light, is a type of lighting fixture that is built into the ceiling or wall. It's designed to be flush with the surface, giving it a smooth, sleek finish.

Remote Driver

The Remote Controlled Driver Light can be operated from up to 120 feet away from the remote control driver light unit. Perfect for enclosures and small spaces where there is not enough space for the entire fixture.
Retro Imitation of recent styles or designs.
Rustic Rustic interior design showcases natural, rough, aged and casual furnishing styles.
Sconce Wall light, usually mounted on a wall as a support.
Semi-Flushmount This lamp is suspended and has a small gap between the ceiling and the lamp. This gap allows for an uplight effect while providing direct downward light. Check out our semi-flushmount lights.
Slot Aperture Refers to a rectangular opening in a built-in light bar, usually adjustable, used  to hide the fixture's internal light bulb.
Socket The part of a luminaire that houses and powers an incandescent lamp. The type of base you use determines the type of lamp base you need.
Spotlight A lamp projecting a narrow, intense beam of light. Usually used to highlight a person or place.
Step Light A type of lighting solution for indoor and outdoor walkways and stairs.
Surface Mounted Driver Surface mount lighting products have many of the same elements as recessed products. The main difference is that they are surface mounted to the ceiling or wall rather than housed internally.
Suspension Suspended lights include downlight pendants, uplight pendants, ceiling fans, and chandeliers that hang from the ceiling by rods, cords, or chains.
Swing Arm Adjustable arm that pivots and swings to different positions to control the position of the light source.
Track Lighting The Lighting System, with lights mounted on power rails, allows for a variety of arrangements. Check out our selection of track lighting.
Traditional Exists in or as part of a tradition or style and is long established.
Transitional A more casual take on a traditional design, focusing on comfort over decoration. These lights are typically neutral in color and contain straight lines and simple curves.
TRIAC Dimming The TRIAC Dimming Control acts as a fast switch and is used to control the amount of electrical energy sent to the incandescent lamp. A "trigger" determines the point at which the device begins conducting current, essentially "chopping" the voltage waveform and stopping the voltage supply at full load.
Vanity Light Multi-light wall light for use in bathrooms and powder rooms. It is used to illuminate the face and perform everyday tasks.
Vintage Vintage inspired lighting solutions with intricate detailing, elegant finishes, and unmatched craftsmanship. Check out our vintage collection.
Venetian Glass Venetian glass is glassware made in Venice, usually on the island of Murano near the city. Traditionally, it is made from soda-lime "metal" and is usually ornately decorated using a variety of "hot" glass-forming techniques. Check out our selection of Venetian glass brands, including Sylcom, Masiero, Murano Arte, Italamp, and more.
Volt V, is the Standard International (SI) unit of electric potential or electromotive force.
Watts Watts is the power a light bulb uses to produce light.
Wet Location Locations where water or other liquids may drip, splash or flow onto electrical equipment. For example, an electrical unit near the sink or pool.
Xenon A colorless, odorless, highly inert element classified as a noble gas and represented by the chemical symbol. Used in certain special light sources, it emits a beautiful blue glow when excited by an electrical discharge.
0-10  Volt Dimming 0-10V dimming is a lighting control method that can produce light of varying intensity levels with a direct current (DC) voltage from 0 to 10 volts. 0-10V dimming is the simplest lighting control system, offering smooth operation and dimming down to 10%, 1% and even 0.1% light levels.