Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide

Not only is modern outdoor lighting incredibly functional and beneficial for the security of your home, but it also provides an unmissable opportunity to add decorative beauty to the exterior of your house. Used as an accent to architectural details and add safe passage to dark stairs, outdoor lighting including, deck and step lights are installed directly into a yard's hardscape or decking. Since they are exposed to the elements day and night, they must be resistant to weather. Here is our guide to selecting the right outdoor lights for your backyard getaway.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Lights help compose attractive, engaging outdoor spaces that balance the beauty and comfort we create inside our homes. If your living space has a porch or ceiling covering part of the outside area, or perhaps a covered patio, then outdoor ceiling lights are a great option. It is important to ensure that the ceiling light you select is rated for outdoor, wet locations, and is specifically designed to be used outdoors all year round.

How do I position my outdoor ceiling light?

Outdoor ceiling lights are ideally positioned above an entrance or area where you will be walking. Beware that they will cast downward shadows - it's helpful to offset this with sideways light from a nearby wall light fixture.

Outdoor Pendant Lights hang down from a chain or stem or cord, with a hanging lantern or pendant on the end. The hanging lantern will radiate light sideways in all directions, as well as some light emitting downwards.

How high should the ceiling be?

You'll need a porch or ceiling that is high enough to accommodate the pendant, in order to leave enough headroom if you are going to be walking below them. Alternatively a hanging pendant can be used on a porch area in-between furniture or above a seating area.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans are a practical solution to combating the summer heat. They are the perfect alternative way to light and ventilate an outside space. Outdoor fans are also useful in an exterior building or outhouse, such as a barn or work shed.

When should I incorporate an outdoor ceiling fan?

Heat can build up quickly in less-insulated buildings and an outdoor ceiling fan can help to circulate cool air and keep things fresh.

Outdoor Floor & Table Lamps

Outdoor Floor and Table Lamps are a terrific way to make decks, patios and terraces into true extensions of your home. Especially during the warmer summer months, when outdoor entertaining is the norm, an outdoor lamp or two can add both practical lighting and enough ambience to turn an outdoor space into a warm, stylish area for dining, entertaining, or simply enjoying the evening hours. They are designed to be weather-resistant and waterproof, with insulated electrical parts and carefully designed bodies. 

Why are battery-operated table lamps useful?

A common solution for outdoor table lamps are battery-operated table lamps, which can be charged and used outdoors for hours at a time. While they cannot be left outside permanently and are typically not waterproof, these table lamps can be charged via a USB cable indoors, and then placed outside on a patio dining table during meals or entertainment. 

How can I incorporate floor and table lamps in my outdoor space?

These fixtures are great solutions to spruce your outdoor space during the warmer months. It is a unique approach to mimicking cozy indoor warm lighting outdoors, making it a lot more useful than a candle or lantern. There is also a wide selection of outdoor table and floor lamps that are both versatile and portable, available in different styles and colors.

Landscape and Accent Lighting are designed to be positioned into the ground and to rise up a short distance to light the surrounding area. They serve more of an aesthetic purpose than a security or task one. As such, these lights tend to be less bright than full-scale light fixtures and so you may need at least a few of them to light a specific pathway or driveway. These types of outdoor lighting fixtures are great for bringing attention to plants, trees, flower arrangements, shrubs, and other yard elements to further evoke a feeling of comfort and serenity.

Where should I incorporate landscape and accent lighting?

Consider a sequence of smaller landscape lights or path lights along the edges of the driveway to provide additional light. Another good starting point for landscape lighting is to position lighting fixtures so that they highlight the walls of the house exterior as well as unique architectural features of the home.


Outdoor Wall Lights illuminate the exterior of your home, emphasizing architectural details and lighting entryways and driveways. Modern outdoor wall lights are the most common solution for outdoor lighting and are available in different sizes, colors, and finishes.

Where can I add an outdoor wall light?

A great place to add outdoor wall lights are on your porch or near your garage entryways. You'll want adequate lighting near any pathway that you'll need to navigate safely in the dark.


LED Outdoor Lighting is a fantastic option to illuminate your outdoor space.

LED light bulbs will be longer lasting than other types and also save money on electrical bills due to their lower wattage. 

What is a good LED light for outside?

2000K-3000K: This temperature range produces a nice and cozy warm white light. It helps create a calming and intimate atmosphere, perfect for outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, and decorative outdoor lighting.

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