2023 Holiday Gift Guide | Casa Di Luce Lighting

2023 Holiday Gift Guide | Casa Di Luce Lighting

The holiday season is here, which means that gift shopping is as well. Our team knows that finding the right gift takes time and effort, so we’re here to help you pick the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Take a look at our gift guide, carrying the finest selection of contemporary lighting. With lights coming in a variety of styles, shapes, materials, and sizes, there’s a gift for everyone.

Here are our top 10 picks from our gift guide:

1. Wick Portable by GraypantsWick Portable Lamp by GraypantsWick is a candlelight for the modern era, combining the ambience of a candle with the utility of a flashlight. Designed with the belief that light is meant to be shared, Wick is a symbol of togetherness, making it the best gift to express how you cherish quality time spent with your loved one.

2. Cursive Floor Lamp by Kuzco
Cursive Floor Lamp by Kuzco

Designed to represent a three-dimensional signature, the Cursive Floor Lamp is a sleek, minimalist lamp full of elegance. Its soft, natural glow invites you in, so it is a great choice for the dining room, living room, or bedroom.


3. Bola Disc Flush Mount by PabloBola Disc Flush Mount by PabloThe Bola Disc Flush Mount is a magical combination of a globe diffuser made of opaline glass and exquisitely polished discs. The interplay of direct and reflected light provides every room with a dreamlike feeling, capturing the balance between beauty and functionality.

4. Banana Louie Lamp by SelettiBanana Louie Lamp by SelettiFor the whimsical friend, this funky fruit lamp will make their day! This realistic looking half-peeled banana lamp is available in gold and yellow, ideal for bringing a fun-loving charm into any space.

5. Wonder Table Lamp by SelettiWonder Table Lamp by SelettiFull of personality, the Wonder Table Lamp features a classic warrior, captured in a moment of surprise. The playful nature of this lamp is bound to pique the curiosity of anyone who gazes upon it.

6. Luci Portable Table Lamp by PabloLuci Portable Table Lamp by PabloThe Luci Portable Table Lamp features an all-machined aluminium body that's premium to the touch and brings elegance to any intimate moment or social gathering. With state of the art Dim to Warm light technology and best-in-class battery life, Luci is a gift of luxury.

7. Theta Portable Lamp by ZafferanoTheta Portable Lamp by ZafferanoAvailable in glossy metallic finishes, the Theta Portable Lamp provides direct ambient illumination. Its LED light source is dimmable and offers tunable colour temperatures from 2700 to 4000K. Perfect for a nightstand for late night reading, illuminating a cosy dinner and so much more, this portable is incredibly versatile.

8. Pixo Optical Task Lamp by PabloPixo Optical Task Lamp by PabloFor the loved one who is always hard at work, the Pixo Optical Task Lamp would make a great companion. Its exemplary construction allows for a complete 900° of movement, so you can rotate the head and the stem of this lamp for up, side and downlight focus.

9. Mariner Vase by RenwilMariner Vase by RenwilThe Mariner Vase brings a sense of artistry to the interior it’s set within. Grand in size for a vase, this piece is at its best when surrounded by decor details of differing tones and dimensions. With matte off-white colouring, this vase can fit within creative contemporary spaces and classic spaces alike.

10. Leni Wall Sconce by MitziLeni Wall Sconce by MitziBeautiful and botanical, Leni features a petal-shaped shade that is chic and soothing. Light fills the shade and creates uplight, and the bulb underneath provides a bright glow that reflects beautifully off the textured white shade behind it.


From the whimsical Banana Louie Lamp to the elegant Cursive Floor Lamp, there's a light for every style and personality, making these gifts a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. If you’re looking for more gift inspiration, don’t forget to browse our gift guide.

Still looking for the right gift? If you'd like to consult our team of experts to discover the best present, contact us! We’re more than happy to support you in any way we can.