Red Dot Design Award Winners

Red Dot Design Award Winners

Red Dot Design Award LogoEstablished in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is a globally recognized accolade, given to the best in product design and design concepts. Every year, the award attracts submissions from across the world, with a panel of international experts evaluating entries based on exceptional form and functionality. The Red Dot is highly coveted by designers and enthusiasts, making it one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Join us as we discover the story behind these 8 featured Red Dot winners and their iconic designs. 

1. Illan Suspension by Luceplan, 2021Illan Suspension by LuceplanThe Illan Suspension is a mesmerising lamp designed as the ultimate combination of sustainable lighting and modular elegance. Made of laser-cut plywood, the lamp moves with the slightest of airflows, creating an atmospheric effect as LED light is diffused through the thin wooden slats. With minimal components, this lamp is easily shipped in a flat form. The Illan won the Red Dot Best of the Best in 2021 for its innovative use of technology and materials, prioritising sustainability along every step of the design process.

2. Veli Collection by Slamp, 2012Veli Collection by SlampThe Veli collection was inspired by the softness of fabric, translating that texture to its gentle amplification of light. Handmade without screws, the magnetic base of this light collection allows the lamp to be easily removed for cleaning. The Veli collection won the Red Dot in 2012 for its organic lightness resulting from the soft light quality and its textile appeal, not often seen in lighting.

3. Mercury Collection by Artemide, 2008Mercury Collection by ArtemideThe Mercury is a series of large pebbles floating under an aluminium disc. This sculptural light is composed of reflective units, which pings the light back and forth. During the day, Mercury reflects the dynamics of natural light and the movement of the people around it. The Mercury collection won the Red Dot in 2008 for its unconventional, biomorphic look and unique reflective design. 

4. Hope Collection by Luceplan, 2010Hope Collection by LuceplanThe Hope collection revives the magic of traditional chandeliers with a modern interpretation of technology and materials. The thin methacrylate Fresnel lenses are extremely light, making this light easy to assemble. Not only are the prismatic lenses functional, they beautifully multiply the light, creating a pleasant, sparkling and festive atmosphere. Hope won the Red Dot in 2010 for its high technological content and innovation.


5. Meteorite Collection by Artemide, 2015Meteorite Collection by ArtemideThe Meteorite is an eye-catching design statement, made of a dual layer of mouth-blown glass. The rock-like effect was achieved with the usage of 'stampo a fermo', a mold-blowing technique followed by grinding. The Meteorite collection won the Red Dot in 2015 for its unique look, resulting from a special glass-blowing technology.

6. Serif Collection by Kuzco, 2021Serif Collection by KuzcoThe Serif lighting fixture is a captivating sculptural piece that transforms its appearance when viewed from different angles. It features circular luminous elements that twist around their own axis, creating a striking geometric design that seems to float organically in air. The Serif won the Red Dot in 2021 for the well-balanced movements of each luminous element. 

7. Ameluna Suspension by Artemide, 2017Ameluna Suspension by ArtemideInspired by translucent creatures from the deep sea, Ameluna originated from the field of biomimetics. The bottom edge of the lamp features a flexible printed circuit board that is integrated with 288 LEDs, providing illumination that is dispersed throughout its transparent body, filling the room with a mystical quality. Being suspended by extremely thin wires, Ameluna almost seems to float in mid-air. The Ameluna won the Red Dot Best of the Best in 2017 for its captivating quality and unusual design, with every detail being excellently executed.

8. Mesh Collection by Luceplan, 2016Mesh Collection by LuceplanBased on experimentation with the potential of LEDs, Mesh features a lightweight, nearly transparent structure composed of metal cables with strategically placed LEDs at their intersections. This innovative design not only hides the lamp's complexity but also offers users the freedom to control luminance and choose which sectors to illuminate: the upper ring, lower zone, or a lateral sector. The Mesh collection won the Red Dot Best of the Best in 2016 for its evocative reinterpretation of the chandelier, reducing it down to a few basic elements to create a dramatic lighting effect.


All these lights have shown that winning a Red Dot is not just a recognition of excellence, but also a sign of how these designs have shaped the future of lighting innovation. We hope you enjoyed exploring the Red Dot winners with us!

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