The Ingo Maurer Story

The Ingo Maurer Story

Ingo Maurer in 1998 with his iconic Lucellino Table Lamp

Ingo Maurer in 1998 with his iconic Lucellino Table Lamp

Ingo Maurer, born in Germany, is a visionary in the world of lighting design. As one of our most unique brands, Ingo Maurer is known for lighting that combines the ordinary with the extraordinary. Each light is not only functional but is also a work of art that challenges conventional ways of lighting. Made with unusual materials such as scribbled memos, goose feathers, and tea strainers, Maurer’s designs are creative experiments that push the boundaries of what is possible in lighting.

As a renowned lighting designer, Ingo Maurer and his company, Ingo Maurer GmbH, are rich in history. Read along further to learn more about the story behind these exceptional designs today.

Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer recounted his fascination with lights originating from childhood boating trips with his father, who was a fisherman. He would admire the way the light reflected off the water and that translated into his later work in lighting. 

He started his career as an apprentice typographer, then studied graphic design in Munich from 1954 to 1958. In 1965, he discovered lighting when he spotted a lightbulb at a pension in Germany and saw it for its full beauty. At that moment, he told himself

“I’ve got to do something with [the lightbulb]. It has to be given more value because this is the beginning of lighting.”

In 1966, Ingo Maurer produced his inaugural design, Bulb, and founded his company,  Ingo Maurer GmbH. Bulb went on to become part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Bulb by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer’s inaugural design, 'Bulb,' a large crystal light bulb that encloses a smaller one inside.

Ingo Maurer GmbH

Since his first design, Ingo Maurer has been designing and producing luminaires and lighting systems with heart, hand, and brain in Munich, Germany. They have been located at the same address in Munich for over 50 years.

Today, his company produces luminaires and lighting systems worldwide, each product handmade with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Manual production by hand is an integral part of their corporate philosophy. Ingo Maurer GmbH consists of 60+ people who work together to create things that combine artistic expression and functional elegance.

Manual Production by Hand at Ingo Maurer GmbH

The hand-making process by members of the Ingo Maurer Team

Ingo Maurer passed away in 2019 at 87 years old. He left behind a profound legacy of innovation, imagination, and beauty. His enduring impact on the world of lighting design continues to inspire and captivate designers and enthusiasts, ensuring that his visionary spirit lives on.

Ingo Maurer's Legacy

Ingo Maurer left behind a profound legacy

Ingo Maurer Best Sellers

1. Lucellino & Bird Chandeliers 

Lucellino & Bird Chandeliers by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer reimagined the classic incandescent light bulb. He attached goose-feather wings and suspended the bulb, creating his popular classic, the Lucellino. Combining poetry, humour, and technology, his winged bulb came to be known as the Ingo Maurer mascot.

2. Zettel'z Chandeliers

Zettel'z Chandeliers by Ingo Maurer

The Zettel’z 5 is one of the best-known Ingo Maurer lamps which gives the user plenty of room for their own creativity. Each memo is a love letter from a different part of the world and it comes with blank pieces of paper, designed to be used for your own messages or sketches.

3. Luzy Collection

Luzy Collection by Ingo Maurer

Luzy is a surprising, unconventional collection that encapsulates Ingo Maurer’s unique design style. Made with gloves and frosted bulbs, the Luzy collection breaks free of restrained thinking and the boredom of ubiquitous repetitive designs.

4. Campari Collection

Campari Collection by Ingo Maurer

Made with real Campari soda bottles, this collection radiates Italian flair. As an ode to the soda, the collection features the Campari bottle, lid, and ice cubes made of glass, redefining the materials that can be used in lighting.


Ingo Maurer is an exceptional designer who sees artistry in light and the beauty of experimentation and being unconventional. Discover Ingo Maurer's iconic collection here, including chandeliers, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, wall lights, and more.

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