Lighting for Entertaining

Lighting for Entertaining

A fun dinner under the glow of the Agatha Ball Suspension

Are you someone who loves to entertain? When designing a space for entertaining, lighting can make all the difference in how your guests feel. By layering lighting throughout your home, you can create an inviting atmosphere, set the perfect mood, and bring that wow factor.

Here are five tips to help you plan your lighting design for entertaining:

1. Install dimmers in each main room

Dimmers are a must-have for entertaining! They give you complete control over the intensity of your light, allowing you to brighten it when completing tasks during the day but dim it as the evening develops to make your space feel more comfortable.Legrand Adorne switch and dimmer for a family kitchen

A dimmer from Legrand Adorne, the American leader in electrical solutions.

We recommend installing a dimmer in the main rooms you use for entertaining, such as the dining room, living room, and kitchen.

2. Use soft, diffused lighting

When it comes to relaxing, feeling comfortable, and enjoying your time, there’s nothing worse than harsh lighting shining directly down on you. It creates glare and unflattering shadows. For this reason, we recommend using multiple soft, diffused lights around the room.

Multiple lights work best for entertaining

Pictured Above: La Vie Ceiling Lamp by Slamp, Marni Wall Light by Alora, and Vines Linear Chandelier by Sonneman

Warm white lights around color temperatures of 2700K to 3000K are usually best for a flattering look and a comfortable ambiance. You can learn more about color temperature in our Guide to Light Color Temperature.

3. Use floor and table lamps to set the mood

Floor and Table Lamps are great for providing soft lighting throughout any room, along with being a beautiful decorative accent. Placing a table or floor lamp in the corners or dim areas of each room can open up the space as well.

Hover Table and Floor Lamp by Lodes

Pro Tip: Portable & Cordless Table Lamps are a great fit for entertaining. You can move them as you wish throughout the night without worrying about cables. They also make the perfect centerpiece for the dining table.

Portable Table Lamps

Pictured Above: Poldina Battery Operated Table Lamp by Zafferano and Lafleur Battery Operated Table Lamp by Slamp

4. Install a statement fixture

For the wow factor that is sure to impress your guests, we have statement chandeliers and pendants. If you love dinner parties, a show-stopping chandelier over your dining table can be a great conversation starter. A large multi-light pendant in your living area can also draw the eyes upwards to bring attention to high ceilings.

Statement Chandelier and Multi-Light Pendant

Pictured Above: Crossroads 18-Light LED Chandelier by Eurofase and Custom XL Chute Long Chandelier by Kuzco

5. Light up the walls for a welcoming feeling

Wall lights and sconces provide an extra layer of lighting and make your home feel welcoming. Your walls can softly reflect the light, gently making the room brighter.

Wall Lights in a kitchen and an entryway

Pictured Above: Chips Wall Sconce by Studio M and Lens Wall Sconce by LZF

Here are some examples of unique wall lighting solutions:

Undercabinet Lights and Picture Lights


Lighting can make a big difference in the ambiance of the event you’re hosting! We hope these tips help you create a memorable party that all your guests can enjoy.

If you’re looking for lighting for your Kitchen, Dining Room, or Living Room, we’ve got you covered! We offer a wide range of lights in different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Any questions? If you would like to consult our team of experts, contact us! We’re happy to answer questions and support you in your next lighting project.