10 Modern Housewarming Gifts

10 Modern Housewarming Gifts

Add a contemporary touch to your loved ones' new home with a modern housewarming gift. From sleek lighting fixtures to chic home decor pieces, these gift ideas will effortlessly elevate any room. These carefully curated items are more than gifts—they're statements that transform houses into homes.

Here are our top 10 picks for housewarming gifts:

1. Bacco Table Lamp by Karman

Bacco Table Lamp by Karman
For the avid entertainer, this portable lamp in the shape of a wine bottle is perfect for the dining room. The diffused light creates the aura of a flickering candle, setting the mood for an elegant dinner.

2. Salerno Round Mirror by Eurofase For a practical gift, the Salerno Round Mirror will give any bathroom, living room, bedroom, or foyer a stylish look. The even glow beautifully scatters through the diffuser edge of the mirror, illuminating the best features of its onlooker.

3. Pioneer Vase by Renwil Pioneer Vase by RenwilFor the creative friend, this modern take on the classic vase is a beautiful decor piece. With its matte white design, this vase pairs easily with other home decor. Whether it's used as a vessel for plants or as a standalone piece, this vase never fails to make an impression.

4. Z-Bar Gen 4 Floor Lamp by Koncept  Z-Bar Gen 4 Floor Lamp by KonceptFor the avid reader, there’s no better gift than the iconic Z-Bar Floor Lamp. With a clean, minimal profile, high flexibility, and improved optics, this lamp is ideal to set beside a sofa for late-night reading.

5. Fallon Rug by Renwil Fallon Rug by RenwilFor the animal lover, the Fallon Rug is a unique gift. Inspired by minimalism and tribal-like patterns, this piece pops within the home. You can also get the matching Rachelle Stool for a cohesive design, great for adding a cosy touch to the living room or bedroom. 

6. Garden I Table Lamp by Geo Contemporary 

Garden I Table Lamp by Geo Contemporary

For the green thumb or the plant lover, the Garden I Table Lamp is a great way to bring plants indoors, combining them with a chic table lamp.


7. Elsie and Arlo Wall Decor by Renwil 

Elsie and Arlo Wall Décor by Renwil

For the retro friend, this wall art pairing is great for bringing an artsy touch. Trendy and timeless, Elsie and Arlo complements the mid-century modern style.


8. Demetra Table Lamp by Artemide For the hard-working friend, this award-winning LED wall light provides optimal lighting for reading, studying, knitting, and any other task they have at hand. With a motion sensor option to turn the light on/off, this lamp is the best fit for the modern home.


9. Balam Side Table by Renwil Balam Side Table by RenwilAs a classic choice, the Balam Side Table is made for both style and convenience. Its unique structure allows it to be pulled right up to a sofa to act as a place to rest food, drinks or reading material. The romantic quality of this furniture piece’s colors and textiles makes it a perfect fit for both classic and contemporary homes.


10. Uma Sound Lantern Table Lamp by Pablo Uma Sound Lantern Table Lamp by PabloFor the music lover, this innovative lighting piece combines a Bluetooth speaker with a portable lantern. Uma comes with warm to dim LED technology and 360 degree surround sound. Its lightweight and durable design makes it perfect for backyard gatherings and pool parties.


From portable lights to vases to rugs, these housewarming gifts add a statement to the modern home. 

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