How to Pick the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

How to Pick the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

For both lavish entertaining and simple family dinners, the dining room is a beautiful space to enjoy your meals under the glow of a chandelier. It’s more than just a light source; the chandelier livens up the room to create an unforgettable experience.

With so many options for dining room lighting, we’re here to help you pick the best one! Here are some tips to get you started with choosing the perfect dining room chandelier:

Consider the size of your dining table

The size of your dining table plays a role in selecting the right chandelier.Recommended size for your dining room chandelier

A good rule to follow is for your chandelier to be about two thirds the length (or diameter) of your dining table, to ensure that the table receives adequate lighting. 

 Consider the shape of your dining table

The shape of your dining table determines which chandelier shapes look best.

Circular table with a circular chandelier

If you have a circular table, a circular chandelier looks best.

Circular chandelier for a square table

If you have a square table, a circular chandelier looks best as well.

Rectangular chandelier over rectangular table

For a rectangular table, linear or rectangular chandeliers look best.

Circular chandelier for a rectangular table

However, circular chandeliers (or any other shape) also look great over a rectangular table. It’s up to your preference!

Pendant Lighting for Dining Rooms

For longer tables, you can also consider multiple pendants or a cluster of pendant lights.

 Choose a style that matches your home’s design

Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic fixture or something more eye-catching, we have a chandelier for every style.

Dining Room Lighting by Kuzco

For an elegant look, Kuzco offers many sleek pendants, chandeliers, and linear suspensions.

Slamp | Dining Room Lighting

For unique, luxurious statement pieces, Slamp offers various suspension lamps that are energy efficient.

LZF Lamps | Dining Room Lighting

LZF Lamps provides beautiful, eco-friendly lighting made with wood veneers, perfect for adding nature’s touch to your dining space.

For more inspiration, shop our Featured Brands or take a look at our Curated Collections to find a chandelier that suits your style.

 Consider the location of the chandelier

We recommend centering your chandelier over the dining table, rather than centering it in the dining room. If you have other furniture in the room, the table may be placed off-center, and the room will feel unbalanced if the chandelier is in the center of the room. 

Centering your Chandelier

Centering the chandelier over the dining table, rather than the room, creates a balanced space.

 Installing your chandelier

When placing a chandelier or linear pendant over a dining room table, be sure to hang it at least 36” above the top of the table. To ensure balance in your design, we advise allowing for at least 6” between the edge of your lighting and the edge of your table.

Dining Room Chandelier Installation

 Pro Tip

To create your desired ambiance, you can use a dimmer to adjust and control the brightness of your chandelier.

Legrand Adorne Dimmers

We recommend Legrand Adorne, the American leader in household switches and dimmers.


Now you are ready to choose the perfect dining room chandelier! You can shop all our Chandeliers, Pendants, & Linear Suspensions here.

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