5 Lighting Resolutions For 2023

5 Lighting Resolutions For 2023


New Years Day may have passed, and you evidently stumbled upon this article now. If we are to be honest, however, it is never really too early or too late to make resolutions – or to find new ways to accommodate our current resolutions – especially if those resolutions and/or accommodations are going to turn your home or workplace into exactly the kind of living space you wish to enjoy spending time in. After all, that is the aim of interior design; to enhance the interiors of a space with the intentions of achieving a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.

The primary objective of this article is to provide you with 5 lighting resolutions that will help you create an accommodative living space for your New Year’s resolutions.

Lighting Resolution #1: Getting in Shape

In the darker winter months, it may be difficult to find the motivation to get up and hit the gym early in the day. No one really wants to get up in the dark, but the best times to hit the gym are early in the morning, after which you may enjoy the benefits of feeling more energized and productive for the rest of the day. To accommodate getting in shape, we suggest easing into the day with low, cozy, and warm glows, and then working your way to the energizing daylight setting. This is made possible by selectively choosing fixtures for your bedroom that illuminate with a warm glow; or by simply choosing fixtures with different brightness settings so that you can have it all.

Sedo Wall Sconce by Cerno

Sedo Wall Sconce by Cerno

Lighting Resolution #2: Read More

When the clock ticks late into the evening, some people resolve to finally tackle that pile of books sitting on their nightstand. Though many think that finding the time to read is what stands in their way, it could have a little something to do with the lighting in their home as well. 44% of people prefer a functional white light to fill the room while they’re reading, which means if your bulbs are too bright or too soft, they probably are not very accommodating as a comfortable reading light.

Veli Table Lamp by Slamp

Veli Table Lamp by Slamp

Lighting Resolution #3: Hone a Hobby

Whether it is knitting, woodworking, or mastering the art of soufflé making, new hobbies are a fantastic resolution for the New Year. Our minds are refreshed and ready to learn something different, but our lighting situations may not be. A low glow would be great for spending more time with significant others on a date night, while a soft white light is ideal for a family game night. Different lighting options means everyone in the family can take on a new pursuit and still have access to the right kind of lighting that they need. For this reason it is important to consider the kind of lighting situation you’ll need to accommodate your journey of becoming the next great soufflé making master.

Pirce Mini Ceiling Light by Artemide

Lighting Resolution #4: Be Productive

Another common resolution many make every year is to establish a budget. Creating a budget and sticking to it isn’t easy, but finding the best lighting to accommodate your desire of becoming more financially independent is! To accommodate your adventure through organizing, calculating, and writing out your financial goals for the future, you may find a multi-purpose fixture that illuminates with bright energizing light can help you stay concentrated and motivated.

Demetra Table Lamp by Artemide

Lighting Resolution #5: Redecorating

New year, new you, new living space. When hitting the reset button, some people reorganize their furniture into a new configuration, change the colours of their home décor, or pick out a new lighting arrangement. Set the scene for self-improvement and resolve to have a better and brighter year than the one before – simply by making the switch. We hold a huge selection of brands and their collections for you to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences, and we understand that the right light is everything; which is why we organized our website to make creating your desired lighting situation as simple as it gets!