5 Lighting Design Trends to Stay in 2023

5 Lighting Design Trends to Stay in 2023

2022 has been a wonderful year for interior design. With maturing styles and new innovations to propel the existing concepts of lighting design above and beyond the concepts of the previous year, there is a lot to look forward to in 2023. To kick start this year’s interior design inspiration, here are a few lighting trends that will remain strong throughout the New Year.

Rose Gold

Many are incorporating rose gold into their interiors as a metallic highlight. Reminiscent of luxurious jewelry and elegant, feminine features, this trending colour will surely dramatize any living space and exhibit the perfect regal ambience for traditional, modern, and contemporary lighting styles.

Damo Table Lamp by Seed Design

Damo Table Lamp by Seed Design


The concrete trend is building in popularity. Whether you are choosing to adopt it in a Do-It-Yourself fashion or selecting beautifully crafted designs from the existing selection of concrete lighting fixtures, there is definitely a noticeable increase in the desire for a more industrialized aesthetic provided by concrete.

Castle Pendant Light by Seed Design


As mentioned above with the increasingly noticeable trend of adopting the colour green, interior designers are changing the colours they pick out for walls. There’s no turning back to the old whitewashed wall in 2018; bold colours are now being adopted to contrast blocks or panels of solid, bright colours, and match elegantly with all types of traditional, modern, and contemporary lighting fixtures.

On Lines Table Lamp by Nemo

On Lines Table Lamp by Nemo


Why hinder the growth of beautiful indoor plants when you can incorporate them into your lighting arrangement? As green is becoming a trendy colour, plants are becoming a trendy addition to living spaces. Intertwine your plants with or showcase them closely to your favourite lighting fixtures to take on 2023 in a healthy and visually appealing manner.

Gavin Silence Leaf Acoustic Suspension by OLEV