Top 5 Products from Milan Design Week 2023

Top 5 Products from Milan Design Week 2023

Our team flew out to Milan in April for the Salone Del Mobile Expo! We were captivated by all the modern and elegant designs. We have curated a collection of our absolute favourite lights from the expo, carefully selected to adorn your spaces with unmatched beauty and innovation.

Here are our top picks from Salone Del Mobile:

1. Pic-a-stic Pendant by Ingo Maurer

Pic-a-Stic Pendant by Ingo Maurer

Pic-a-stic is a pendant lamp that combines magic, technology, poetry, irony, and experimentation. Inspired by the classic game, ‘Mikado,’ pic-a-stic captures the fleeting moment right before the sticks are released, infusing a sense of motion into the pendant. As a single luminaire above a dining table or as a group above a bar counter, pic-a-stic can be used in both private and public areas. 

2. Gavin Silence Leaf by OLEV

Gavin Silence Leaf by OLEV

The Gavin Silence Leaf by OLEV is coming soon to Casa Di Luce! This unique lighting fixture is adorned with preserved foliage. With a stabilization treatment and an antistatic coating, these real leaves retain their freshness without the need for watering or maintenance. The foliage possesses sound-absorbing qualities, enhancing the overall acoustic atmosphere of any space. Experience the allure of nature in your living room, dining room, or kitchen with this charming fixture.

3. Medusa Table Lamp by OLUCE

Medusa Table Lamp by Oluce

Like most of Oluce’s lamps, Medusa is made of pure geometric shapes: a glass cylinder with a half-sphere inside. Medusa reverses the relationship between the lampshade and its support. This support contains the lampshade, rather than holding it up. The support delicately spreads the light, becoming part of the light itself. The electric cable descends freely from the center of the diffuser, giving the lamp a sense of lightness, perfect for any living space or bedroom!

4. Candela by Candela Cort for LZF Lamps

Candela by Candela Cort for LZF Lamps

Inspired by Candela Cort’s flamboyant career, Candela is an abstract composition and symbolic light that pays homage to the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky, a painter known for his adept use of geometric shapes and colours. The seemingly chaotic arrangement of geometric elements and red wicker stripes represent the unpredictability of life. Handmade and signed by Candela Cort herself, each piece is unique, making this pedant the ideal centerpiece.

5. Stellar Nebula Collection by Artemide

Stellar Nebula by Artemide

Stellar Nebula is a family of lamps designed by BIG to combine artisanal glass blowing with innovative PVD finishing techniques. Hand-blown in Venice, the shapes of the diffusers are always unique. With five different types of lights: suspension, ceiling, cluster, floor, and table, these lamps can add character to any room! Artisanal know-how and industrial innovation come together in the beauty of the material that enhances the magic interaction between glass and light.


Our top 5 lighting picks from Milan Design Week were mesmerizing with their incredible beauty, innovation, and sheer brilliance. We hope you enjoyed stepping into the Milan design world with us today!

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