Top 10 LED Table Lamps of 2022

Top 10 LED Table Lamps of 2022

With the turn of the New Year, we can see that once again, minimalism still reigns. 2022 lighting trends remain committed to the idea of “the simpler, the better.” The main thing to remember, is that the lighting fixtures in a space do not only act as a light source, but also as an element of decor. Even if the lights are turned off during the day, they still need to serve an aesthetic and design purpose. However, lighting trends are not just about the material, design and style; the basic element of the light source itself is also changing. Smart light bulbs are the buzz among interior designers and the lighting industry, just like environmentally friendly materials were a couple of years ago.

Although LEDs were very prominent in 2021, they will become a must-have for any modern interior in 2022. With a dramatic price drop for LED bulbs predicted for this year, this may very well be the year when most households finally switch to LED light fixtures. Don’t forget to keep in mind that LEDs have an average of 40,000-hour lifespan, are environmentally friendly and incredibly energy efficient. It should be noted that the main trend now is not just energy efficiency, but the focus is on increasing the quality characteristics of the light itself: color reproduction, reduced glare and no ripples. This is why we decided to compile a list of our top picks for LED table lamps of 2022- the list includes a variety of chic, modern and iconic table lamps that will brighten up any office space.

1. Z-Bar by Koncept Lighting

Available in several sizes and colours, the Z-Bar was revolutionary for desk and floor lamp design and introduced the concept of integrated LED bulbs to office and desk lighting. The overdone simple bulb-and-shade design was abandoned for a flexible, slim design that contains LEDs and three simple bars. With a dimming option and simple on/off functionality, this table lamp would add a nice touch to any modern interior.

Z-Bar by Koncept Lighting

2. Pixo Optical Task Lamp by Pablo

The Pixo combines a minimalistic style with maximum utility. The compact and efficient LED task light is flexible, allowing you to focus warm, glare-free light where you need it most. The lamp also features full-range dimming, an integrated USB port for charging mobile devices, as well as an extensive array of colours to suit every interior.

Pixo Table Lamp by Pablo

3. Circa Table Lamp by Pablo

Blurring the decorative distinctions between traditional table and task lighting, the Circa Table Lamp by Pablo serves up maximum features in a minimal frame. Underscored by a flat-panel LED disc, which tilts up to 45° and rotates 360°, three levels of warm and even ambience can smoothly be controlled with its base-located touch dimmer. It features an integrated USB port, to ensure that your tablet or mobile device is fully fueled. The mobility of this table lamp allows it to be placed in an infinite number of positions while functioning as a task lamp. It is available in white and graphite finish options.

Circa Table Lamp by Pablo

4. Caterina Table Lamp by Italamp

The Caterina Table Lamp by Italamp is a modern lamp that looks great on your study table, bedside table, or office desk. Featuring a metal body in a brushed gold finish, it has two glass diffusers in white and green colors. These diffusers look like half-cylinders and incorporate LED lights to light up your interior. This meticulously designed lamp won’t take much space on your table which means you’ve ample space on the table for other things.

Caterina Table Lamp

5. Demetra Table Lamp by Artemide

“Demetra” is the goddess of harvest in Greek mythology. Not only is the name of the lamp a reference to the striking physical appearance of this lamp, but also to its ability to “harvest a creative work environment”. Demetra is indeed a highly functional desk lamp that encompasses a winning combination of minimalism and efficiency.

Demetra Table Lamp by Artemide

6. Cactus Table Lamp by SLAMP

Designed by Adriano Rachele, the Slamp Cactus Table Lamp brings the outdoors in with its contemporary, sculptural interpretation of the desert plant. The short and stout spherical fixture is made out of light-diffusing Opalflex. The light emitted is warm and welcoming and emphasizes the symmetrical pattern of the lamp’s many unique “barbs.”

Cactus Table Lamp by SLAMP

7. Castore Table Lamp by Artemide

The Castore Table Lamp provides diffused lighting with a white hand blown glass diffuser allowing for soft, warm light. Castore features a die cast metal alloy base in a white powder coated finish and a touch dimmer in chrome finish incorporated into the base.

Castore Table Lamp by Artemide

8. Mr. N LED Table Lamp by Koncept Lighting

Very different from the average table lamp, the unique arch-shaped Mr. N table lamp combines a fashion forward design with cutting edge, omnidirectional light. The seamless light panel incorporates 28 LEDs and consumes a mere 5W, while providing a soft glow along the outside of the lamp. The simple multiple-dimming level system is located alongside the aluminum interior.

Mr. N LED Table Lamp

9. Lama Table Lamp by Stilnovo

Be it your office work or studies, now you can do them all by placing Lama Table Lamp by Stilnovo. This distinct and elegant table lamp is a charmer in itself. A well-deserved thought given over saving upon electricity, this table lamp is compatible with LED bulbs. Adding beauty and glamour at the same time, this lamp is available in two colors: white and Black. It takes little space yet casts a soft and diffused light.

Lama Table Lamp by Stilnovo

10. Uma Sound Lantern Table Lamp by Pablo

Reminiscent of the lantern used earlier, the Uma Sound Lantern Table Lamp by Pablo is a smartly designed innovative piece of lighting that will wow you with its looks and functions. It depicts practicality, high-tech functionality, and modern design to update the portable table lamp for the 21st century. Featuring clean lines, it comes with a warm and dim LED technology, combined with 360º surround sound to produce a unique product that is both, portable lantern as well as speaker. Light in weight, this lantern table lamp’s user-friendly interface includes a full range light control dial, touch sensitive volume control, and Bluetooth connectivity, letting the music to be streamed and controlled from any mobile device. The shade is made from an impact-resistant polycarbonate, combined with silicone base and steel mesh speaker grills for durability in both, indoors as well as outdoors.

Uma Sound Lantern Table Lamp by Pablo