LZF: The Subtle Art of Wood Veneers

LZF: The Subtle Art of Wood Veneers

LZF Lamps

Staying true to their roots, LZF lighting has been a stand out company since 1994. Based in Valencia, Spain, LZF specializes in hand-made wood veneer lighting, with their unique lamps bringing character to any space. Starting off as a relatively small company, LZF has managed to achieve major recognition in the design world, growing to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies.

One of the great things about LZF is their large selection of lighting fixtures, designed using their iconic material and known to create a soft atmosphere balancing the beauty of wood and lighting. LZF carries lighting for all occasions and spaces which is hand crafted and made to bring a natural, raw charm.

Today, the company continues to design new lighting collections that are entirely hand-made. Still based in Valencia, the company moved their office to a charming winery in the country side.

The science behind these beautiful lights is their special patented technology…

Firstly, thin layers of veneer are laminated on both sides; this process makes it resistant to fire and incredibly durable. Afterwards, the layers of wood are bent to take on a variety of different shapes.

Below we give you a gallery breakdown of their different categories of lighting, some of which you may find on our site!

LZF Chandeliers

Used as a statement piece and can most commonly be seen in a dining room, grand hall, living room, etc.

Add a luxurious touch to the interiors by installing this gorgeous Agatha Large Chandelier by LZF Lamps. This beautiful chandelier is a blend of style and functionality. A perfect light that is great for a warm and romantic setting. This chandelier boasts an intricate pattern with an imaginative look. Compatible with florescent and LED, this stunning chandelier offers a soft and radiant glow in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. It has natural wood veneer shade and metal canopy. This light is available in various exquisite finishes like beech, blue, cherry, gray, ivory white and more.

Mini Mikado ChandelierCreate a unique focal point in the interiors by adding the Mini Mikado Chandelier by LZF Lamps. Featuring a dramatic design, this Mikado chandelier displays a unique pattern with exquisite stripes detailing. It features wood veneer shade, metal structure in chrome, nickel metal canopy and transparent electrical cable. This chandelier looks exceptional with the modern décor setting. You can place it in the living room, dining room and hallways. It is available in an array of wood finishes like grey, cheery, blue, red, yellow and more.

Skillfully crafted with an intricate pattern, the Candelabro Small Chandelier by LZF Lamps has an exceptional design. This small-sized chandelier creates a gleaming visual effect in the interiors. It has a unique blend of various patterns of lights like teardrop, circular and twisted. Beautifully adorned with ceramic bird motifs in a contrasting finish, this chandelier is an instant attention grabber. It is crafted using the best quality of wood canopy. This chandelier can be a striking addition in the living rooms and dining rooms. Both beech and ivory white wood finish look elegant.

LZF Pendants

Used to accent certain areas and add depth and character. These lights can be seen in a kitchen, hall, dining room, living room, etc.

Maruja Pendant LightThe Maruja Pendant Light by LZF Lamps features a complex design with a unique placement of wooden veneer stripes in a circular frame. Each wooden stripe is combined with a pin. An attractive matt finish uplifts the look of the boring interiors. This beautiful chandelier can be a striking addition in the living rooms and dining rooms. It creates a beautiful ambiance with a soft glow. This chandelier is available in various exquisite wood finishes like cherry, pale rose, orange, red, red sea blue, etc.

LZF Scones

Used as task and accent lighting, commonly found in a bedroom, bathroom, gallery, hallway, etc.

(Left) Featuring a versatile design, the Thesis LED Wall Sconce can be used as the table, floor and wall lamp. This multi-functional wall sconce has a modernized style that adds a transitional touch to the classic interiors. You can install this stunning wall sconce in a library, in a cozy corner or study room. With the focused detailing, this wall sconce adds a soft glow that looks exceptional. This wall sconce is available in multiple metal finishes ranging from matt ivory to matt black, black nickel, gold and copper.

LZF Table and Floor Lights

Used to illuminate task areas around a space such as a bedroom, living room, office etc.

Thesis Table LampA masterpiece in itself, the Thesis Table Lamp by LZF is a modern lamp that brings luxurious appeal to your living space. The lamp uses an LED light source. The light fixture is available in matt black, matt ivory, black nickel, gold, and copper finishes. The lamp comes in different colors; ivory white, natural cherry, natural beech, and grey. It casts its warm glow when lit during light. It provides you bright illumination when you study or work late at night. It is suited for quiet spaces such as a library, cozy corner, or a private study chamber.

Air Table Lamp

Break the monotony of your bedroom or living room by adding this super-stylish Air Table Lamp by LZF Lamps. Showcasing a modern design with a contemporary twist, this stunning air table lamp chic and elegant. This compact-sized table lamp offers a soft and warm glow to the interiors. Finished with clean and smooth edges, this table lamp is aesthetically appealing. It is compatible with both fluorescent and LED bulb. This light is crafted using the best quality steel and wood veneer. You can select this air table lamp from various finishes option, based on the interiors of the living spaces.

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