Luxury Condo Lighting Trends in the 6ix

Luxury Condo Lighting Trends in the 6ix

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Over the last few years, the real estate market in Toronto has grown to be one of the hottest in North America. Accommodating the increasing demand in the real estate market, condo developers in the city have been accepting ample amounts of contracts that entail building a high-rise within blocks of one another. This task of designing and constructing so many condominiums in such a short period of time is inducing quite a hustle for interior designers. However, the importance of placing and utilizing lighting fixtures to enhance the living spaces for residents of these condos is still one of their primary objectives through this booming period for luxury condos.

To design a luxury condo requires many interior designers to focus on using light and proportions to create the perception of a larger space and maximizing the utility of living spaces, all while maintaining a strong relationship between architecture and personal well-being. Common luxury condos feature expansive lobbies and lounge areas bathed in decorative fixtures that highlight the glazed and stone marble finishes; or fixtures that incorporate punches of contrasting colour to evoke a positive emotional response that offers guests a preview of what awaits inside.

But what if you’re not a professional interior designer but you still want to light up your condo as tastefully and elegantly as an industry professional would? Well if this is the case, then this article is precisely for you. Below we will showcase several luxury condo lighting trends that will propel you towards your endeavour of lighting up your condo with some of the best brands in modern lighting.

Matte Finish is the New Popular Finish

Lately, there has been a spike in the popularity of matte finishes. Homeowners have fallen in love with colours such as grey, greige (grey plus beige), and soft gold, which falls right within this spectrum of colours that work very well for contemporary decors. These colours borrow the soft matte finish of the common brushed silver and brushed gold hue, allowing them to blend in with almost any kind of modern décor.

TIP! Lighting fixtures with a matte finish come in a variety of styles and designs. For overhead lighting, fixtures that accentuate warmth with a soft gold are great for peaking the attention of guests, and easy to compliment with other soft colours like grey or silver.

puppet lights

Puppet Round Multilight Suspension

Industrial Styles in Refined Forms

Industrial has always been about rustic finishes, neutral colours, and an emphasis on metal. There are some stark differences to what you know as traditional industrial in modern industrial lighting. Unlike the warehouse-like styles that are common with industrial, we are seeing sleeker metals – richer and more varied tones with alternative designs. Shop around and you’ll find industrial fixtures with finer details that look more like a form of art.

TIP! Modern industrial lighting is a great way of creating a unique twist to an area of your condo. These lighting designs are popular for places like the kitchen area, above the dining area, or as wall lighting. Many industrial fixtures come in a brushed or matte finish as well!

The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp by Artemide

The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp by Artemide 

Cleaner Lines for Cleaner Forms

A large portion of modern décor in condo settings showcases clean forms. Whether it be a modern couch, a modern kitchen, or modern lighting; excessive ornamentation has been losing favour in a condo setting and gaining popularity in a house setting over the recent years. Complex designs are simply becoming harder to blend within condos in which the spectrum of colours are becoming fewer and fewer, so homeowners are opting for simpler and cleaner lighting designs that fit in perfectly among modern decors. The minimalism trend will become even more popular as more low-profile fixtures enter the market. These fixtures focus on simple geometric designs, neutral soft colours, and a prominence of form over extravagant aesthetics.

TIP! Modern clean lighting fits into any space effortlessly. You may fit a fixture in the living area, kitchen, or bedroom; wherever you intend to add a simple yet bold statement piece. Allow the lighting fixture to stand on its own without being crowded by other fixtures and it will create the appearance of a sleek and organized space by emphasizing overall linearity.

The Shakti Floor Lamp by Kundalini

 The Shakti Floor Lamp by Kundalini