3 Easy Lighting Upgrades For Your Home

3 Easy Lighting Upgrades For Your Home

headerAs the end of winter approaches, so does the feeling we get of being willingly confined to the cozy indoors. With the warmer weather and sweeter air inviting us to come out of hibernation, comes also the annual task of interior upgrades and reconfiguring the lighting in our homes to ensure maximum utility and aesthetics.

There are a few key elements to focus on when making these reconfigurations so that our lighting is both pleasant for our moods and optimal for our situations.

Upgrade #1 – Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet LED LightingUnder cabinet lighting is an impeccable means of boosting the tones of the kitchen, thus allowing us to add to the overall mood of the kitchen while highlighting unique architectural and interior design elements. With the addition of under cabinet lighting and its sultry ambience, food preparation becomes a more pleasant and efficient task – you won’t even want to remember how you ever went without it.

There are several options to consider when it comes to layering your space with under cabinet lighting. LED tape, florescent tubing, rope lights, and puck lighting are available types to name a few. Click the Shop by Room selection on our website and head over to Kitchen Lighting for more under cabinet lighting options.

Under Cabinet Fluorescent LightingWe suggest paying close attention to the brightness and colour of the under cabinet lighting in order to preserve or add to the existing design of the kitchen and cabinetry. By optimizing the brightness and colours of the under cabinet lighting, the focus remains on enhancing the interior in a way that is consistent with the interior design of your home.

Upgrade #2 – Path Lighting

Path Lighting by Delta Light
Path Lighting by Delta Light

With the snow slowly fading away and revealing the ground beneath, every homeowner must now create an inviting path to decorate the journey around and towards their home. First impressions certainly do matter, and we want our guests and loved ones to feel welcome as they approach and walk through the front door.

There are a variety of path lighting types and styles that allow you to turn your daytime yard into a welcoming and even magical one once the sun goes down. When browsing on our website, simply locate Outdoor on the banner menu and choose between landscape lights, LED objects, outdoor wall sconces, floor lamps, and pendant lights to find the exact path lighting setup that you desire.

In consideration of path lighting, we suggest staggering the lighting from side to side rather than having it in a row or all on one side. By staggering the lighting in your path, you create depth and balance, which in turn amplifies the experience of approaching your home.

Path Lighting by Delta Light
Path Lighting by Delta Light

Upgrade #3 – Swapping Switch Plates

Modern Switch Plate by Legrand
Modern Switch Plate by Legrand

This detail is often overlooked by many homeowners and interior designers. Installing a beautiful new lighting fixture is important, but the interactions with the dull off-white switch to turn the beautiful new fixture on and off remains all too familiar and unchanged.

A brand new switch plate to complement the new lighting fixture is an easy upgrade and a guaranteed facelift for any room. Simple matching combinations and sets can be found at home improvement stores, but for more unique, designer plates that may be uncommon in these stores, we suggest browsing our large collection of Legrand switches. Specifically, the Adorne Collection (Pictured above) combines the world’s most innovative light switches and charging solutions with an array of stylish and custom finishes.

Spring is a season of uplifting change. Whether the focus is to enhance appeal and safety with pathway lights, give a facelift to a room with fresh switch plates, or highlight elements of your home with under cabinet lighting, these three simple upgrades make it possible to transform the appearance and mood of an entire space both inside and out.