Light Bulb Types Guide

Light Bulb Types Guide

There are many lighting factors to consider before starting your home renovation. While the end result is always beautiful, a lot of time, resources, and stress goes into creating your dream home. The Casa Di Luce team is here to guide you throughout the entire process. Before purchasing any light bulbs be sure to read our guide to selecting the right type. Once you have determined what types of fixtures you want in your home, the next step is picking the right bulb. 

As you may already know, layering light is an essential part of achieving the best lighting scape for your home. Ambient lighting provides general light, task lighting helps with close-range activities, and accent lighting accentuates the best features of your space. With that said, selecting the right bulbs for the job is just as important!

Please note, all light bulb information is available on all of our product pages under the "Details" tab, in the Light Source and Light Option fields.


However, if a light source is integrated, then you do not need to worry about purchasing a bulb. Should you have more questions, feel free to contact us. 

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Types of Light Bulbs

Here is everything you need to know about light bulbs. While incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, G4 Halogen, and Halogen lights have made their impact on the industry, they are slowly phasing out as new technologies arise. Both Integrated LEDs and LED bulbs have come to the forefront of the industry, popular for their energy sufficiency, long life-span, and ease of use. 

Take a look at the various light bulb shapes for different categories of lighting fixtures.

Light shapes

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Types of Sockets

A light bulb socket is a device that mechanically supports and provides an electrical connection to a compatible light bulb base. There are various shapes and sizes depending on the light fixture. At Casa Di Luce, we carry a range of decorative lighting sockets that are popular in North America, including:

E26, E12, MR16, GU10, G9, G4, T5, GDR, R7S, and GY6.35 products

Light socket base

Common Types of Sockets


Common bulb base types


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The most common incandescent applications, including lamps and downlights, are of one of the first three basic types. Pin bases are typically used for track lighting and landscape light bulbs.

  1. Medium - default base code: E26
  2. Candelabra - base code: E12
  3. Intermediate - Base Code: E17
  4. Pin Sockets - Socket Codes GU5.3, GU10, and GU24

Picking the Right Bulb

In order to pick the right light for the job, complete the following checklist:

  1. Read our master guide for an overview of lighting factors and tips.
  2. Consider what lighting fixtures you'll need for the job.
  3. Note the light bulb shape and socket types by viewing the details of specific product.
  4. Consult an expert for additional support - contact us.