Festive Fall Lighting Ideas

Festive Fall Lighting Ideas

If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your home for the fall, here are some of our festive fall lighting ideas! Whether you’re looking to add decorative lamps or a real show-stopper, we’ve got you covered with the best in modern lighting. Our trusted brands, Kundalini, Karman, Umage, and more have created the most unique lighting solutions, perfect for all year round - but especially great for the fall. We invite you to reimagine your space as the seasons change, we promise it’s worth it. 

Let’s get you started…

Portable lamps

An easy choice when it comes to finding lighting solutions that are portable, wireless, and cozy. Portable lamps are perfect for the fall season, and can be a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. You can use them as a centrepiece, night-light, or outdoor lantern - it's really up to you!

1. Mr. N Tall LED Table Lamp By Koncept 

Portable light

Enjoy a cozy time together and set the mood right by bringing in Mr. N Tall LED Table Lamp by Koncept. This LED table lamp is n-shaped and can be placed on your desk, table, bookshelf, or counter to spread its beam throughout the room.

2. Gople Portable Table By Artemide 

Portable lamp

Here is another great portable choice. The Gople family keeps growing, with new versions dedicated to different lighting design languages. It now becomes a portable lamp that offers an impressive 26-hours of running time without mains electricity. Gople’s characteristic diffuser is made of plastic in order to withstand use across a wide spectrum of spaces and situations.

3. Kushi Mobile Table Lamp By Kundalini 

Portable light

One of our portable favorites - Kushi Mobile Table Lamp is a portable lamp which has reinvented the technology in its category. Fuel your fruity taste buds with the purchase of this innovative Kushi Mobile table lamp by Kundalini with rechargeable battery.

    Decorative lamps

    Switch out your bedside table lamps or living room floor lamp during the fall season. It is a fun way to change the feel of a room without the commitment of rewiring pendants or installing wall sconces. Customize the color temperature of your light fixtures and treat yourself to a warm glowing haven for the fall. Take a look at what color temperature is best for each room in our master guide.

    1. Line Fuchsia Table Lamp By Accord

    Decorative lamp

    Take a look at our top pick. You will fall in love with the uniqueness of the Line Fuchsia Table Lamp by Accord Lighting. This table lamp is perfect to upgrade your décor setup to an unapologetically-contemporary one. Its wooden shade is presented in an overlapping design and offered in several color options.

    2. Thesis Table Lamp By LZF Lamps

    Decorative lamp

    Another excellent choice is this masterpiece in itself, the Thesis Table Lamp by LZF is a modern lamp that brings luxurious appeal to your living space. The lamp uses an LED light source. It casts its warm glow when lit during light. It provides you bright illumination when you study or work late at night. It is suited for quiet spaces such as a library, cozy corner, or a private study chamber.

    3. Don’t Touch Floor Lamp By Karman 

    Decorative lamp

    If you're looking for a unique floor lamp, the Don’t Touch Floor Lamp by Karman is a beautiful option. It is the brainchild of renowned Italian designer Matteo Ugolini’s imagination. These lights have been made using matt grey techno-polymer basement and matt white stems. It is an LED light incorporating the latest design (it has been designed in 2018).


      While these pendants make excellent fall picks - we also love them all year round. If you also love organic shapes, neutral colors, and one-of-a-kind furnishings in design, why not keep them? Have fun in the kitchen, living room, or kids room with these creative choices, here is what we would recommend.

      1. Aluvia Medium Pendant By UMAGE


      The infamous Aluvia Medium Pendant by UMAGE is an enchanting home décor that is available in a number of finishes. These are anthracite, forest green, pearl, petrol blue, ruby red, and saffron yellow. This LED light fixture has a pineapple-like shape diffuser and is sure to amplify your house interiors.

      2. Sherwood E Robin One Squirrel Pendant By Karman


      We love just how fun the Sherwood E Robin One Squirrel Pendant is! This light symbolizes the creatures in the Sherwood forest. A squirrel is designed on the string and is looking towards the light source in the form of the Sherwood-acorn. It is a ceramic pendant lamp in white matte finish that brings charm to your interior.

      3. Elsa Linear Pendant By Mitzi Pendants

      Bring the outdoors inside with this beautiful pendant light. Bursting with style, Elsa draws inspiration from cherry blossom trees. Slender arms branch out from small spheres, ending in buds of petite matte white globes. This soothing, organic design is available as a wall sconce, pendant, linear, and chandelier in Gold Leaf and Textured White.


        You heard it... if you're looking for something that will catch your breath, stop guests in their tracks, and kick-start conversations, take a look at our fall show-stoppers. These lighting solutions have the wow factor for a good reason! They are intricate yet delicate, sophisticated yet cozy, and radiant a gorgeous glow like no other.

        1. Piemonte Chandelier By Corbett


        From large mansions to cozy apartments, the Piemonte Chandelier from Corbett Lighting uses its textured panels to add a classy finishing touch to diverse decors. This one-of-a-kind lighting device is handmade from glass, which is suspended from a string iron frame to add strength. Ideal for dining rooms, kitchens, and small foyers, this chandelier adds glamour to your home.

        2. Portal Pendant Light By Studio M


        Enter the portal of modern luxury with this incredible pendant light. An elegantly simple pendant suspends a whimsical display of a hand-crafted branch with leaves that support delicate petals made of crystal. This sculpture is illuminated by a vertical ring of energy efficient LED light. Finished in a rich Golden Silver finish with a hand-applied silver leaf base freshened with a golden hue, the Portal pendant adds interest and sophistication to any setting installed.

        3. Heracleum II Suspension By Moooi


        Embrace the changing fall leaves and cool air with this beautiful suspension light. Nature meets technology in the Heracleum II Suspended by Bertjan Pot. This airy LED lamp is inspired by the flowering plant of the same name that can grow as high as 5 metres. The white leaves in the Heracleum II Suspended ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure thanks to Electrosandwich by Marcel Wanders studio.

         Fall inspiration

          We hope you feel inspired by our festive fall lighting ideas and get creative with your own decorating this fall season. For more inspiration, visit our shop by style page! Take a look at our best featured collections.

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