Creating a Cozy Atmosphere for the Fall

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere for the Fall

Breathe in the fresh scent of fall leaves, your favorite candle, and hot drink as you prepare for the fall season. It’s time to cozy up to your fireplace and set the mood for all the fall festivities. If you’re looking to create the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests, we invite you to read our guide! Our experts have provided 3 helpful tips to make sure your space is as calm and enjoyable as can be.

Here they are…

1. Bring nature indoors

There is something incredibly cozy about bringing nature indoors during the fall season - don't you think? That is why we recommend incorporating your favorite aspects about the fall into your interior and exterior spaces. We love seeing the references that our designer brands make to nature and wild-life in their products, and the fall is the perfect time to incorporate these inspirations into our own homes! We've curated our own list of festive fall ideas to get you started.

Portable light

Kushi Mobile Table Lamp By Kundalini 

We also love sharing our eco-friendly collection because it is oh so fall like! We are proud to offer several designer brands that follow diligent sustainable practices and create products with eco-friendly materials and processes - all while being beautiful. Check them out. 

Eco-friendly collection

    2. Install dimmers and color temperature controls

    As the temperature gets cooler and the days get darker sooner, we recommend installing dimmers and color temperature controls into your home for a more comfortable transition! Both controls improve the functionality of your home from day-to-night, creating the ultimate cozy atmosphere in your home. 

    At Casa Di Luce we carry a wide selection of dimmers in different shapes, sizes, and at various price points to suit your needs. We offer products that have built in timers, such as the white Radiant 4-Button Digital Timer By Legrand Radiant and motion sensors, including the Adorne Motion Sensor Switch Auto On-Off By Legrand Adorne. 

    Dimmers and Color Temp Controls

    The color temperature is also a crucial part in making the interior our exterior of a home feel cozy. The I Spy Outdoor Ceiling Light by Modern Forms offers built-in adjustable color temperature that can be changed to 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. These color temperature controls are a great addition to your home, especially during the fall and winter months. It can help to boost your mood, improve eye health, and help you perform everyday tasks more effectively. For more information on color temperature, please visit our master guide.

    I Spy Outdoor Ceiling Light by Modern Forms

    I Spy Outdoor Ceiling Light by Modern Forms

    3.  Play with fall hues 

    While the leaves change color, so should your color palette. During the fall we love to see various tones of orange (or terracotta), navy blue, brown, and cream that match the warm tones of the gorgeous outdoors.

    Fall Hues

    More rustic themes are also suitable, adding charm and character to your overall designs. Our vintage collection is filled with timeless designer lighting solutions that make any space feel homey. If you're looking for slightly more modern lighting fixtures, take a look at our modern farmhouse collection. You can't go wrong with either one!


    Now that you've read our guide to creating the most cozy atmosphere for the fall, check out what products we reccomend in our 'Festive Fall Lighting Ideas' blog. You'll be ready to decorate in no time!

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