Sfera Table Lamp

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. Our talented team of Lighting Experts is available to assist you in finding a suitable replacement. Please email us at or call us at 1800-577-9426 for assistance.

SKU: 7043-33
Color: Bronze

Minimalist design with a stylish silhouette creates this elegant Sfera Table Lamp by Accord Iluminacao. This stylish table light features a fancy design in a round shape. The premium quality material is used in the construction of this table light. You can place this light on the dining table, study table or desk. This light sits beautifully on a sturdy base. This table lamp is available in various exquisite finishes like white, matte black, imbuia, teak, American walnut, light pink, copper, bronze, Ferrari red, satin blue, lead grey and more.

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Accord Lighting

Accord Lighting, a family-owned business from Brazil combines passion with skill, offering beautiful, decorative lamps. Founded in 1997 by three brothers, the company has grown and developed over the years, first conquering the entire Brazilian market, and then entering the international arena. Using the latest technology to support the traditional, manual process, Accord Lighting creates beautiful, designer wooden lamps that will decorate and lighten up any room with class and chic. In the harmony with nature, using the best, durable materials, for the beauty of your interiors.

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