Legrand Trends 2022

Legrand Trends 2022

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About the Legrand Company

Legrand is a prestigious French industrial group historically based in Limoges in the Limousin region. In 2011, the firm was the largest global producer of switches and sockets, with 20% of the global market.

Today, Legrand is proudly the American leader among many household electrical solutions, switches, and dimmers. They deliver high-performance lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications to transform the spaces where people live, work, play, and heal. Their products are carefully designed to support environmental sustainability and deliver more comfortable environments while enhancing today’s architectural spaces.

Adorne Collection 

Adorne Collection

Legrand's Adorne collection can be characterized by its iconic square shape, that differs from standard switches and dimmers. Products from the Adorne Collection include stylish switches and innovative sockets, as well as the latest pop-out outlets, wi-fi-enabled switch kits, under-cabinet lighting and other accessories that will turn any home or office into a stylish and accessible space. 

Radiant Collection

radiant collection

The Radiant line is yet another great collection from the American electrical solutions giant Legrand. It includes desginer switches, outlets, and dimmers, that are both functional and stylish. Products from the Radiant collection are available in classic, subdued colors, as well as matte or metallic finish options. Accessories from Legrand will add innovation and style to any interior, whether it is a home or office space.

Switching up Light

Is it time to upgrade your lighting scape? Most definitely! A simple upgrade such as switching up light solutions in your interior or exterior space can go a long way. Switches can make a massive difference in a space, no matter your budget.

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Trends to Follow

Trends in Color: Green

Decorate your space with accents of popular shades of sage or hunter green. With many of the leading brands in interior paint selecting shades of green for their ‘Color of the Year’, it’s never been easier, or more on-trend, to bring this hue into the home. Legrand wants to remind clients that they don’t have to commit to an entire room, or even an entire wall, to incorporate new shades into your space. Painted interior doors, frames and trims are trending right now, allowing you to introduce interesting contrast and fresh colors in a more contained and subtle way.

Green color

Trends in Texture

When it comes to adding texture and personality to your home, a fun way to stay on-trend is to hit up a local estate sale or antiques shop. With shipping delays and supply shortages touching nearly every industry, heirlooms and antiques are having a surge in popularity. It can take some careful perusing to find the perfect piece, but with backorders and delivery waiting periods extending out for months, many folks are more than willing to put in an afternoon of second-hand hunting to bring home a quality bureau, dining table, statement lamp or painting that very day. Use terms like “mid-century modern,” “art deco,” “Neo-Victorian” or “70s chic” to start narrowing the results to what best aligns to your personal preferences, while also practicing the most eco-friendly way to shop there is. Reuse, recycle!  

Also, still trending in the texture department: natural and organic materials. Brand carries a great selection of modern lighting solutions made from natural materials. In recent years we’ve seen an increased emphasis on creating calming, zen-like spaces within the home and houseplants, as well as natural fibers and finishes, have been consistently used to bring balance and tranquility. Perhaps consider the lights by brand to bring life to your space.

Trends in Texture

Trends in Pattern

Perfect for injecting personality, fun, optimism, even a little whimsy, into any room, bright and bold patterns are trending in all manner of ways for 2022. From botanical to globally-inspired bohemian, opting to include a striking pattern through curtains and tapestries, throw pillows and accent rugs, wall coverings and wallpaper, maybe even all of the above, is a great way to keep your home up with current styles.

Additionally, art deco patterns in particular continue to be noteworthy. First popularized in the1920s, the art deco style came on the heels of WWI and brought with it lively feelings of relief and glamour. Patterns within this trend are characterized by modern, geometric shapes – from diamond check to herringbone  – as well as the elegance of exaggerated curves, like sunbursts or overlapping palms.

Trends in Pattern

Trends in Composition

​​​Lastly, when we talk about the design trends for composition – the more structural components and arrangements that physically make a space what it is – we see several existing trends aim to kick it up a notch in 2022. 

All the time spent at home in recent years has obviously placed enormous significance on comfortable, utilitarian design.

Lastly, making the most of natural lighting through doors and windows is a big trend that has mood and productivity enhancing benefits on top of visual appeal. While it can be a great design factor in any type of room, home offices and remote working spaces especially can get a boost from this feature. That means focusing on the details within the space that can inspire and even recharge you (whether that means your mind or your devices) throughout the day. And a nice view can just about always do the trick.