Coastal Lighting

Coastal Lighting

The beach is calling your name, and so is our coastal lighting collection.

This beautiful style has all the classic, nautical, and often vintage look and feel that reminds us of our favorite coastlines. There is something incredibly serene about costal lighting that makes living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms feel like safe spaces in a home. The organic shapes, diffused lighting, and natural materials truly mimic the feeling of being at the beach, closing your eyes, and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Enjoy our collection of coastal lighting, we hope you sit back and relax under the glow of our best products.

Here are our favorites:

1. Accordeon Suspension By Slamp 

Accordeon Suspension By SlampAfter combining the elements of fashion and design, Slamp created the Accordeon Suspension light to redefine your interior. A perfect presentation of art and technology, this suspension light looks like a crown over your living room. 

2. Renata Oval Suspension By Weplight 

Renata Oval Suspension By Weplight

Made of naturally recycled wood, the Renata Oval Suspension from Weplight is sure to enhance the beauty of your interior. Featuring pleated folds with a strong and flexible center panel, this suspension light has a unique silhouette to add glamour to your décor.

3. Lenis LED Linear Suspension By Cerno

Lenis LED Linear Suspension By Cerno

The Lenis LED Linear Suspension by Cerno is ideal for the sloped ceiling of your living room, bathroom, closet, bedroom, corridor, hallway and lobby. Its design is inspired from the sailboat encompassing a white stretch fabric to diffuse the LED light from overhead.

4. Blue Point Table Lamp By Hudson Valley

Blue Point Table Lamp

Let us tell you an intriguing way to add a little dimension to your interior! The Blue Point Table Lamp from Hudson Valley adds layers of visual interest to various kinds of decors. Its rounded base has abstract blue dot arrangement, which looks stunning with its white bisque body.

5. Black Note Keys LED Linear Suspension By LZF Lamps

Black Note Keys LED Linear Suspension By LZF Lamps

Beautifully designed to enhance the aesthetics of the dining room, living room or kitchen, the Black Note Keys LED Linear Suspension has an elegant design with minimal detailing. Its design is inspired by the keynotes of the piano. The rhythmic placement of the perpendicular shades creates a distinctive pattern that everyone notices.

6. Stecche Table Lamp By Accord

Stecche Table Lamp By Accord

 The Stecche Table Lamp by Accord Lighting is a great lighting option for the ones who love to decorate their place with classic accessories. This striking lighting fixture is suitable to illuminate any office space, study table or side table.

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