Cerno Lighting: Passion and Innovation

Cerno Lighting: Passion and Innovation

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The spotlight now shines on Cerno, an industrial design and manufacturing company that effortlessly innovates modern LED lighting fixtures and furniture. Founded by Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, and Bret Englander of nature-rich Laguna Beach in California, the values of Cerno is inevitably a product of their heritage.

Cerno’s style can be characterized as an intersection of modernism and contemporary design, with the majority of products incorporating wood materials. The natural environment in which they were raised and the creative culture that thrives in the region played a significant role in shaping the professional and aesthetic ideals that guide Cerno today.

Cerno founders

Founders pictured above (left to right): Bret Englander, Director of Sales and Marketing; Nick Sheridan, Director of Design; Dan Wacholder, Director of Engineering and Operations.

Where it all Began

The origin of the company name Cerno is latin for resolving or distinguishing, and that is precisely what the company has been able to achieve since their very beginning. To relay our claim, take a look at Cerno’s magnificent Aeris LED Linear Pendant, which features a modern yet organic design inspired by the beauty of woodwork and nature. As with all Cerno products we’ve showcased to our clients and online audience, the Aeris roused a very positive reaction that stems from their exceptional ability to incorporate nature into modern design.

Aeris LED Linear Pendant by CernoAeris LED Linear Pendant by Cerno

The Company’s Creative Process

The way Cerno describes its passion for the craft is extraordinary, fuelled by a shared belief in the infinite power of human creativity. They believe that each finished product is a celebration of the inventive minds and industrious hands that brought it to life. They claim that the “process of taking an intangible concept and developing it into a fully resolved finished light fixture is intoxicating”, comparing it to “an artist’s final stroke to complete a painting or a mechanic repairing the seemingly irreparable”. It’s this visceral sense of accomplishment that inspires Cerno and many of us to continue designing, building, and innovating in the industry.

Sedo Wall Sconce by CernoSedo Wall Sconce by Cerno

The first and most vital step in the creative process, as the founders outline, is the belief that something that does not exist can exist. The founders saw this phenomenon proven time and time again; specifically drawing inspiration from Dan’s late grandfather, Steve; who grew up on an extremely rural homestead where the existence of most objects depended on people’s ability to create and fix them. For all of Steve’s 101 magnificent years he embodied the saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way,” and today the founders share this mentality with the rest of the team.

Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp by Cerno

Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp by Cerno

We hope this article inspires a deeper appreciation for the wonderful, dedicated, and innovative team at Cerno Lighting. View our collection of Cerno products.