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Osteria Giulia

A new modern, intimate Michelin star restaurant has taken over Toronto's beautiful Yorkville area. Osteria Giulia is a new restaurant with a subdue...

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Modern Marble Residence

Modern Marble Residence

This gorgeous Toronto home is illuminated with the best and brightest in modern designer lighting. The lighting scape in each room has been careful...

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Toronto Family Home - Casa Di Luce

Toronto Family Home

Toronto is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Ontario. Here is a family home curated with a careful selection of lighting solutions suited...

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Contemporary Home Renovation - Casa Di Luce

Contemporary Home Renovation

Welcome to the contemporary home renovation located in Toronto by Idevoks Design. The designer selected a gorgeous collection of contemporary fixtu...

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Richmond Hill Kitchen - Casa Di Luce

Richmond Hill Kitchen

The outcome of this contemporary style kitchen renovation is absolutely stunning. The neutral color scheme, subtle sophistication, and deliberate u...

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Toronto Skyline Penthouse - Casa Di Luce

Toronto Skyline Penthouse

Creative, dynamic, and bold - this modern Toronto penthouse is nothing short of spectacular. Each room is curated with the most unique design eleme...

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Future Bakery - Casa Di Luce

Future Bakery

We are so happy to be part of the Future Bakery project in Etobicoke, Ontario. This family owned business is lit with various sizes of the beaming ...

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Modern Toronto Townhouse - Casa Di Luce

Modern Toronto Townhouse

Take a look at this sophisticated modern Townhouse located in Toronto. The marriage between sharp lines and free form shapes, raw materials and pol...

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Charming Modern Interior - Casa Di Luce

Charming Modern Interior

Introducing a charming modern residence located in Toronto, Canada. Featuring detailed crown molding, bright white walls, and elements of nature in...

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Classic Modern Residence - Casa Di Luce

Classic Modern Residence

Take a look at this clean, minimal modern residence located in Toronto, Canada. This new build has been built to perfection with sleek and natural ...

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