Vibia Lighting: The Innovative Company From Outer Space

Vibia Lighting: The Innovative Company From Outer Space

Vibia Logo

Their Magic

There’s an inherently deep and meaningful calm that we feel when looking up at a bright starry sky. Finding ourselves surrounded by shining, shimmering dots; encapsulated in a huge dome of humongous floating orbs that emit vast eternal light through such incredibly large distances; is the epitome of the celestial connection that we as human beings have made with the stars. Time and time again the way has been tried by many companies in recreating that celestial vibe we crave from the night sky, but no company has tried the way like Vibia.

Vibia is a Barcelona-based company that channels their industrial and service suppliers’ abilities to construct a top-class team of designers and professionals. Located in over 80 countries with over 100,000 professionals working on their lighting projects, Vibia has managed to bestow us with the ability to bring the celestial night sky into our homes. Their creative use of glass and ceramic to create magical modern pendants and stunning luxurious fixtures such as the Cosmos collection has allowed them to build a unique reputation among interior designers from all over the world.

Their Promise

Vibia claims that light renders and gives life. Through light, “we perceive the landscape, architecture, and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions”. They believe that each of us possesses a unique identity, a personal point of view, and a subjective way of perceiving reality. As a result, they aim to “create solutions that adapt to the needs of [their consumers] within diverse contexts”. Their mission is to improve the relationships between people and their surroundings, as well as their visual and emotional wellbeing. They accomplish this mission by means of “creating the right atmosphere so that the experience of living in each space is a fulfilled and unique one.” And as already mentioned above, their execution when it comes to creating a celestial mood is magical indeed.

Our Favourite Collections

Light + Building 2018 

Every two years, our team travels to one of the world’s biggest interior design expositions in the world, held in Frankfurt, Germany. Light + Building showcases new collections of the worlds best designer lighting and furniture brands. This year, we received a special invitation from Vibia to view their new collection ahead of time.

Watch the video below for some highlights from Vibia’s stand: